RESEARCh and DESIGN for Urban, Ecological, And Digital SItes

I am a researcher and designer in the fields of urban and ecological site design and place-based user experience doing whatever I can to foster advanced yet timeless places.


Kevin W.  Adams 

Phone:        404.360.3651
Linkedin:    profile page




Design and Visualization: Adobe Creative Suite (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)  | ESRI GIS | Sketchup | Basic AutoCAD | User Flows | Axure | Sketch | Wireframes
Communication:  Publications | Public Speaking | Public Relations | Concept Boards | Concept Pitching | Design Charrettes
General Research:  Interviewing | Surveying | Case Study | Observational | Design Typologies | Urban and Landscape Site Analysis
UX Research: Information Architecture | Content Analysis | Personas | Journey Maps | User Testing
Business Development: Competitive Analysis | Strategic Branding | Demographics | Regional Science Research | Return on Investment Analysis


Research and Design Experience

JG&A Consultants, Marietta, GA, DOD master planning firm, 2017 to Present
Benchmark Planning Consultants, Charlotte, NC, Planning and Urban Design Firm, 2015-2017
Georgia Tech,  Atlanta, GA, Urban Design Studio (student), 2013-2015
UMD, Research Associate, Landscape Architecture Program, 2011-2013
Clemson,  Research Associate, Environmental Planning Program, 2009-2010
CSLD, Conway,  MA, Ecological Systems Design Studio (student), 2007-2008
DVRPC, Philadelphia, PA,  Economic Development and Planning, Research Group,  2001-2007
Pasona Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, International Public Relations, 1999-2000
Thunderbird and Columbia University, (student), NYC, MS Development, 1997-1999
Koshoku City Hall, Nagano Japan, International Public Relations Coordinator, 1993-1995



MA: Ecological Design  |  Conway School of Landscape Design  |  2008
MSUD: Urban Design  |  Georgia Institute of Technology  |  2015
PhD: Urban Design and Planning  |  University of Maryland  |  2015


Publications and Projects

Ride Sharing Apps in the Age of Autonomous Vehicles, 2017

"Lumberton Urban Design Master Plan" Benchmark Consultants, 2017

"Red Star Neighborhood Plan" Benchmark Consultants, 2017

"SanLee Land Use Master Plan," Benchmark Consultants, 2016

"Aiken Comprehensive Plan," Benchmark Consultants, 2016

"Nags Head Comprehensive Plan," Benchmark Consultants, 2016

"Concord Urban Design Master Plan," Benchmark Consultants, 2016

Food Parks and Eco-centers of Atlanta, UMD, May 2015

The Art of Subdivision Design, CNU, Dallas 2015

Retrofitting Suburbia: Adaptation of two suburban big box grey fields in metro Nashville, City of Nashville, 2014

Designing for Coastal Resiliency in East Savannah, Georgia Conservancy and Georgia Tech, 2013

Urban eco-system simulation: urban design metrics for sustainability, GA Tech, 2013

Public health and environmental planning collaboration for a community watershed health model, UMD, 2012

On Maryland’s Eastern Shore: “Civic Engagement on Coastal Resiliency in the Design Studio,” UMD, 2011

Redesigning the Academic Library, studying user experience at McKeldin Library, University of Maryland, 2011

“Deep Mapping Emergent Urbanism,” Arclos! May 2012

“Connections: Sustainably Linking Forest Heights,” UMD, May 2011

Positive Space Sculpture Park, Community Design Charrette, Philadelphia, 2009

Sustainable Sites Initiative, CSLD, 2008

“The G-Street Center Garden’s the Community” con’text, CSLD, 2008

“Amherst Landfill: Envisioning Reuse,” CSLD studio, 2008

“People in the Park, A Tool Kit for Creating Vibrant Adirondack Communities,” Co-Author, CSLD, 2008.

“A Post-global Economic Development Strategy to Energize our Economy and Secure our Future,” DVRPC, 2006.

“Analyzing the Region’s Manufacturing Base,” DVRPC, 2004.

“Three Decades of Job Growth and Decline in the Delaware Valley: Analyzing the Region’s Economic

Base by Sector,” DVRPC, 2003.

“The Tulsa Time Blues,” Urban Tulsa Weekly (1999) The Next American City (2003) Streets Blog (2013)