The bulk of my experience has been in Urban and Site Design and Planning; however, there are many similarities and transferable skills between UX, Ecological, and Urban Design. Although the scales and design interventions may differ, the research and design processes often mirror each other. Quality design is less about glossy renderings and more about the thought and research that informs it. It must fit basic human dimensions into financial, ecological, and other system constraints. On this page you will find portfolio examples of conceptual urban design and research.

East Savannah Cove

Urban Design Meets Sea Level Rise
Savannah Housing Authority and Georgia Conservancy Studio, Georgia Tech, 2013


Historic Savannah, Georgia like coastal communities up and down the Atlantic, is facing an insecure future as sea levels change. While the historic quarter with its famous block pattern sits on the high ground, low income communities like East Savannah will be the first to be inundated with rising waters. Sponsored by the Georgia Conservancy and the Savannah Housing Authority and led by the Georgia Tech Urban Design Studio, this project imagined futures where the historic grid of Savannah and the changing coast could become opportunities to repurpose places like East Savannah with the best of the past and the realities of the future. 


Nolensville Pike

Adaptive Reuse and Site Design in Suburban Nashville
Client, City of Nashville, TN, 2014









This project was one of two sites researched and designed along Nashville's Nolensville Pike corridor. A 1970's era 'stroad' in South East Nashville, the Pike is similar to Charlotte's Central Avenue or Atlanta's Buford Highway., and is representative of the new multi-cultural South.

The site displayed above was a defunct K-mart with out-parcels, newly inhabited by immigrant entrepreneurs. Besides rationalizing the original parcels and breaking the site into a more walk-albe framework, the plan maintains the community character by preserving businesses and older buildings along the Pike, while making room for intensification and residential development along the site interior's parallel street. The project was designed in 2014. The City of Nashville and the local community adopted this plan in the summer of 2015.


Concord Urban Design Master Plan

Catalyzing Real Estate Value by Crafting Urban Experience
Urban Design and Economic Development with Benchmark Planning, 2016

URban Context



URBan Design



ReaL estate

Value analysis



Downtown Concord, NC sits in the middle of Char-lanta, one of the fastest growing metropolitan mega-regions in America, stretching from Raleigh-Durham in the North to Auburn, Alabama in the South. Concord's traditional main street, though vibrant, however, has not yet seen the kind of return to urban living experienced in larger Char-lanta cities. With the development of a loft building that stunned the market by gleaning dollar per square foot ratios comparable to near by Charlotte, Concord became both excited and concerned about its future and solicited Benchmark to analyze its potential and propose designs which can best harness its urbanization. I led research and analysis before and after the project's Charette, aiding the firm's principle partners and our Concord Clients in pursuit of  the most cogent urban design interventions.


Urban Data and Analytics

5 Years of Analysis and Data Management
DVRPC Research Division, Philadelphia, PA


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Data and Demographics


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Economic ANalysis